Zeiva Pro is a brand of RT Vision Technologies, a business operations specialist that has chalked an impressive growth map since its inception in 2003. Providing a host of software solutions to government bodies, businesses, and development projects, the company has remained steadfast to its goal of helping build prosperous communities through innovative and out-of-the-box solutions.

With Zeiva Pro, the company has amalgamated its deep knowledge of local conditions with emerging technologies in the field of Photobiology, namely the efficacy of UV-C in disinfection and sterilization of surfaces by eliminating viruses, bacteria, and fungi spores with 99% efficiency.

At the state of the art R&D and production facility, Zeiva Pro has tested, enhanced, and perfected a range of innovatively designed UV-C products for a variety of different residential and commercial environments.

From 1 BHK to the busy hospitals, to schools, malls, airports and metro stations to entire business parks down to its last work station – there’s no surface Zeiva Pro cannot sterilize. Furthermore, UV-C has proved effective in neutralizing the virus in several trials by the IES (Illuminating Engineering Society) USA, and many other international research bodies. Designed in India for unique Indian conditions (humidity, dust, and pollution), our products are easy to use and can even be remotely operated (in select products). Equipped with sophisticated sensors, that instantly stop the device upon detecting the presence of humans and pets, Zeiva Pro is made for complete peace of mind.

Mission & Vision

Ceaselessly innovating and devising solutions to enhance the quality of human life.

As a technology-driven brand, we pledge to stand firm in our battle against Virus & Bacteria. We see the pandemic a challenge, and we are committed to vigorously innovate, and introduce state-of-the-art  GUV devices to offer complete protection at all levels against dangerous pathogens.

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Deeply respecting the inherent value of every life, irrespective of its physical form,
we are driven to create effective, safe and non-toxic sterilization technologies.







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