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Your Invisible Safety Shield Against Viruses

Introducing a revolutionary range of UV-C sterilization devices, that are designed to eliminate 99% of all diseases causing microbes in your environment. Lightweight, portable, and easy to use, our products are proudly Made in India at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Delhi-NCR. Offering a wide range of UVC disinfection systems from uv towers (hammer) to wall-mount(blue sterilizers) & disinfecting chambers (Universal killer & home oven). They can be used to sanitize homes and public places like schools, hotels, airport and railway stations, malls and cinema halls, etc. In nursing homes and hospitals, Zeiva Pro provide the doctors, the staff, and patients with the reassurance that their health and safety is in capable hands.

Best UV-C Room Sanitizers in India

Zeiva Pro Products can be used in many areas such as:

All Products of Zeiva Pro

UV-C Hammer

A compact, yet one of the most powerful
UV-C room sanitizers in the market.

UV-C Room Top

Ideal for smaller spaces like bathrooms, closets, changing rooms, etc.

UV-C Universal Killer

Universal Killer is ideal for disinfecting
products and packages.

UV-C Blue Sterilizer 66

An ergonomically designed, portable
and user-friendly room sanitizer.

UV-C Blue Sterilizer 96

Ideal for office spaces, conference
rooms, clinics, restaurants, etc.

UV-C Blue Sterilizer 150

With more advanced features & power under the hood, Sterilizer 150 is the big boy in UV-C's Blue line.

UV-C Home Oven

ZeivaPro UV-C Homeoven looks like a microwave oven – except it destroys more than 99% percent of bacteria & viruses without the use of chemicals

Zeiva Pro

Give your family and loved ones the assurance of a safe and germ-free environment.


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