Introducing the Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Home Oven (UV Oven), which is also known as UV led curing oven that is proven to kill 99.9998% percent of bacteria and viruses within 10 minutes only! The technology applied is successful and does not make use of any chemicals that are harmful for you and your family.

ZeivaPro UV-C Homeoven looks like a microwave oven – except it destroys more than 99% percent of bacteria & viruses without the use of chemicals, not causing secondary pollution, thus protecting your family with the innovation. It’s the easiest way to disinfect packages, couriers, envelopes, stationary, toys & any other products that have exchanged multiple hands.

Now you don’t have to worry about germs and bacteria entering your homes through your shopping items! Zeiva Pro’s UV Oven is an extremely cost effective solution to ensure safety from all types of virus, bacteria & germs.

UV Oven – Areas Of Application:


  • Wallets, keys, food items
  • Crockery, currency notes,
  • Documents, files, masks
  • Cooking utensils, food packets
  • Food items including vegetables & groceries etc.

Specifications Of Zeiva Pro’s Ultraviolet Oven

Maximum Life of UV-C tube

12,000 Hours

Maximum UV-C Output


No. of UV-C tubes

2X11W (Philips/Osram)


AC 220V

Max. Power Consumption


UVC Radiation


Area Coverage


Smart fuse


Selectable Timer 

1-15 minutes

Approximate Total Volume/


30 Litres/

10 Kgs Maximum

FAQs -

How the UV-C Home Oven Works?

By disinfecting all your household items from its shortwave ultraviolet light, the DNA of the microbes are directly attacked through this ultraviolet oven, killing them all and making your surroundings 99% germ free, within a few minutes only.

What can be sanitized?

The UV curing oven can be used to sanitize and disinfect all your cooking utensils, food packets, fruits and vegetables as well as all the other groceries that are used for cooking purposes.

Where to use UV Oven?

These UV oven disinfection systems provide great solutions to ensuring complete safety from all types of germs and bacteria and prevent them from entering food items, food packets, wallets, keys, groceries etc. one by one, with complete efficiency.

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Give your family and loved ones the assurance of a safe and germ-free environment.


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