UV-C Blue Sterilizer 66

The Zeiva Pro mini UV Sterilizer 66 comes with a lesser output of 15W compared to the UV-C Blue Sterilizer 96 and is ideal for smaller spaces. You don’t have to enter the room to switch on the device; rather you can use it through a remote. This mini UV sterilizer comes in a stylish and sleek design, without compromising on any of its features.

Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Blue Sterilizer 66 is Ideal for small offices, conference rooms, clinics, waiting rooms, restaurants etc, Zeiva Pro’s mini UV sterilizer is a stylish and elegant choice for complete protection.  Now, with just the flick of a light switch your environment can be sanitized in as little as 15 minutes. This Ultraviolet sterilizer comes equipped with a safety sensor which automatically switches off the device upon detecting human presence. It can also be used wirelessly through a remote, which means you don’t even have to enter the room to switch on the device.

Mini UV Sterilizer – Areas Of Application:


  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Shops and Local Grocery Stores
  • Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Cabins, etc.

Specifications Of Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Blue Sterilizer 66


0-60 min settings



No. of UV-C tubes

6X11W (Philips/Osram)


AC 220V

Power Consumption


UV-C Radiation


Area Coverage

12FT*12FT (144sq.ft)


With end-time beeper

UV Fuse

For safety of the electronic components

OLED screen

With digital timer

Digital Timer

With OLED Screen

Wireless Remote access

up to 8-10M

PIR sensor

For safety to cut connection if a human is present in the way of UV radiation

FAQs -

How does it work?

This ultraviolet sterilizer system attacks the DNA of the bacteria and kills them completely, making your surroundings healthy and germ-free. With human sensors and wireless technology, the mini UV sterilizer machine is a perfect choice to keep yourself and your environment safe at all times.

What can be sanitized?

With the help of this best mini UV sterilizer, you can sanitize all your office equipment, chairs, desks, kitchen items, utensils, food packages, remotes and other such devices.

Where to use this UV Sterilizer 66?

Using this UV sterilizer filter can easily disinfect smaller spaces such as small offices, restaurants, conference rooms, clinics, waiting rooms, showrooms, hospital rooms and shops in your locality.

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Give your family and loved ones the assurance of a safe and germ-free environment.


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