UV-C Blue Sterilizer 96

Introducing the UV-C Blue sterilizer 96, which is a wall mounted, ergonomically designed, user-friendly disinfectant for protection against all germs and bacteria. Similar to other Zevia Pro devices, this UV sterilizer lamp can also be controlled wirelessly through a remote and comes with human sensors for utmost protection.

Ideal for office spaces, conference rooms, clinics, waiting rooms, restaurants etc, Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Blue Sterilizer 96 is an ergonomically designed, user friendly sanitizer for complete protection. This makes it a great alternative to harsh chemical sanitizers which a lot of people dislike. The Blue UV Sterilizer lamp 96 can be safely operated from a distance using a wireless remote. For additional safety, it is also equipped with sensors to cut off the irradiation instantly upon detecting human presence.

UV Sterilizer Lamp – Areas Of Application:


  • Hospitals
  • Offices
  • Showrooms
  • Shops and Local Grocery Stores
  • Bedrooms, Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Cabins, etc.

Specifications Of Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Blue Sterilizer 96


0-60 min settings



No. of UV-C tubes

6X16W (Philips/Osram)


AC 220V

Power Consumption


UV-C Radiation


Area Coverage

16X16ft (256sq.ft)


With end-time beeper

UV Fuse

For safety of the electronic components

OLED screen

With digital timer

Digital Timer

With OLED Screen

Wireless Remote access

up to 8-10M

PIR sensor

For safety to cut connection if a human is present in the way of UV radiation

FAQs -

How does this Ultraviolet Sterilizer work?

With the maximum output of 24 watts, this ultraviolet sterilizer filter disinfects all the materials in less than 30 minutes. A simple flick of the light starts the UV disinfection system for sanitizing the complete environment around you.

What can be sanitized?

A user-friendly disinfectant, the ultraviolet Sterilizer 96 can be used on various electronic equipment, fruits and vegetables, different groceries, wallets, keys, essential items, food packages etc.

Where to use this UV Sterilizer?

Spaces like hospitals, offices, showrooms, shops, grocery stores and different rooms in homes such as the bedroom, the bathroom and cabins, can all be protected and disinfected with this wall-mounted UV sterilizer machine.

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