UV-C Room Top

The Zeiva Pro UV disinfection lamp is a game-changing virus-killing product that is a cost-effective solution to disinfecting smaller spaces in your homes and offices. It easily sanitizes and protects your environment without causing any disruption to your daily activities.

With 2 powerful 16 Watt UV-C tubes, Room Top is designed for disinfecting smaller spaces in homes and offices. Our UV disinfection lamp can quickly disinfect your environment without disrupting your activities. The device can be wirelessly operated.

UV Disinfection Lamp – Areas Of Application:


  • Clinics, Smaller Offices, Cabins, Meeting Rooms, etc.
  • Bedrooms, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, etc.
  • Small Shops and Local Grocery Stores, Showrooms

Specifications Of Zeiva Pro’s UV-C Room Top


0-60 min settings

Wireless remote access

upto 8-10M

No. of uvc tubes

2X16W (Philips/Osram)


AC 220V

Power Consumption


UVC Radiation


Area Coverage

10x15ft. (150 sq.ft in 60 mins)

With beeper

FAQs -

How does Ultraviolet Lamp work?

The UV disinfection lamp is a portable and handy device that can be operated wirelessly to disinfect your existing room and office décor. It comes in an elegant design and works effectively when placed on a table, stool or a stand.

What can be sanitized?

This particular germicidal lamp can be used to sanitize small items such as office and home stationery, crockery, toothbrushes, grocery items, wallets, phones, keys etc. These UV disinfection lamps help in making our surroundings completely virus and bacteria free in a cost-effective manner.

Where to use it?

Just like all the other UV disinfection lamp devices, the ultraviolet lamp can be used in smaller areas such as cabins, meeting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and even the small local grocery stores and showrooms.

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Zeiva Pro

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